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Underfloor Heating for Wood and Laminate.

The perfect solution for heating laminate, engineered wood & hardwood floors 

Our carbon heating film is ideally suited for installation directly beneath wood or laminate floors. At less than half a millimeter thick, it has a negligible effect on floor height. The film is laid over our exceptional 6mm Depron floor insulation (which replaces the standard flooring underlay) to give a minimal effect on your floor height - less than 6.5mm! In total. This makes it ideal for use in new buildings & renovations or refurbishments where floor height can be vitally important!

The film is designed as a heating system (not just floor warming) & gives an even heat coverage beneath the whole floor. It is available in two power outputs 130w per sqm for ordinary home heating & 160w per sqm for conservatories where higher heat losses are experienced.

Our carbon heating film is manufactured in the UK in a BEAB approved factory, it is certificated to standard IEC60335 - certificate number NO40430. Floor Heating Systems have sold over 250,000 sqm of the product in the last few years – the quality & reliability is second to non. It comes with a TEN-YEAR manufacturers warranty as standard, but it should last you a lifetime!

Carbon heating film is now available in 3 widths, 102cm, 53cm & 40cm - our design team use the best combination of film to fit your room & for the least number of connections for your electrician.

Watch our Online Installation Video

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