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Electric Kits for Under Tile Heating

Underfloor Heating Undertile Cable Mats, Available in 2 Power rating 150w or 200w

Cable mats are available in 150w per sqm for internal rooms & now 200w per sqm for conservatories & areas of high heat loss.

The cable mat system is similar to the cable kit, except the heating cable is pre-woven to a mesh, with the cable already spaced out, for hassle free laying. The mesh on our cable mat is self adhesive, no need for taping, making it simple to lay.

The mat is simply rolled out, pressed to the floor, then tiled over suitable for both timber & concrete sub-floors - the mat system is ideal for larger, square or rectangular rooms where it can save time in spacing the cables.

Every kit comes complete with:

  • Heating cable supplied woven to a self adhesive mesh.

  • Fully programmable thermostat controller with floor probe.

  • Floor primer.

  • Roller for primer.

  • Simple installation instructions.

  • Manufacturers Lifetime warranty.

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