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Electric Underfloor heating thermostat FH200

The FH200 is incredibly simple to use, having only an on/off switch along with temperature dial.

  • LED Indicator
  • Temperature dial
  • On/Off control
  • Voltage: AC 230V(AC 110V/ AC 24V available)
  • Power consumption: 5 W
  • Setting range: 4°c~45°c
  • Limitation scale: 25°c~50°c (TKB70.33 & TKB70.36)
  • Setback temperature: 5°c (TKB70.33 & TKB70.36)
  • Switching differential: ±0.5 K
  • Ambient temperature: -5°c~50°c
  • Protective housing: IP20
  • Housing material: self-extinguishing PC
  • Floor sensor: rubber-thermoplastic NTC sensor, cable length is 3m

Electric Underfloor heating thermostat FH200

  • 1 year Guarantee.

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