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Overlay board 22mm for 16mm Pipe

Wet or water based Under Floor Heating Systems



Wet or Water based underfloor heating systems come in many permutations, there are various different pipe sizes and thicknesses and many different ways of installation depending on level of insulation needed and depth available.

Low profile systems generally start from around 18mm in thickness with a water pipe of around 12mm and the thickest water pipe is generally 22mm.

Our most common pipe size  is  16mm in diameter and 2mm in thickness.

Overlay panels are manufactured using a high density extruded XPS material with cement reinforced surfaces.
Running through the body of each panel is a series of highly effective heat transfer cores, manufactured from a special
conducting cement compound designed to transfer heat from the water pipes to the panel surface. Aqualay panels are
manufactured for use with a pipe diameter of 16 mm with pipe spacing’s set at 150mm.


Why not contact us to discuss your requirements.

Overlay board 22mm for 16mm Pipe

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