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Heatmiser UH8 - 8 Zone 230v Wiring Centre

The Heatmiser UH8 is designed to work with our room thermostat. 

Up to 8 zones can be controlled from the UH8. On board the UH8 are two heating time channels, each zone allows you to specify which time channel it should follow. 2 additional time channel connections are provided for hot water control or other auxiliary devices. On demand from any zone, a 230v output is provided to switch the relevant zone actuator, underfloor heating pump and valve. A volt free connection is supplied for the boiler, making it compatible with almost all types of boilers.

A simple slide switch makes zone 8 suitable for controlling a radiator zone. When used for controlling radiators, zone 8 does not enable the underfloor heating pump, valve and boiler.Up to 4 actuators can be connected to each zone.

  • Dimensions (LxHxD) 384x148x60mm

Heatmiser UH8 - 8 Zone 230v Wiring Centre

  • Warranty: 2 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

    Central switching of up to 8 zone actuators
    Output for a hot water cylinder and the system boiler and pump.

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