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Handy Heat Tilebacker Boards "Now Made in UK" 

HandyHeat insulated tile-backer boards are a high performance, reinforced insulating board. They are made of waterproof extruded polystyrene with a fiberglass mesh embedded on each face into a cement polymer coating for exceptional compressive strength & rigidity.

The cement coating offers several advantages when compared to uncoated polystyrene boards including:

  • Class O fire rated BS

  • Greater Rigidity

  • Higher point loading


**Beware of Un-Coated insulation**
Apart from the above, some uncoated foam boards can result in a separation of your tile adhesive from the foam, resulting in the floor lifting.

**HandyHeat boards have a Fully Resin Bonded cement layer to both sides for complete strength and safety.

Technical Specification Download

Tile Backer Board
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