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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

150W/m² & 200W/m²

Cable mats are the bread and butter of UFH, fast and easy to lay, very much the DIYer's pick.

Simply work on the 85% rule and you will have a warm floor in no time.

Example. 10m² room covering 85% = 8.5m², round this down to a 8m² of mat kit.

150 w/m² is primary heat for almost all rooms in your home but in rooms with high heat loss, like conservatory's, opt for the 200 w/m² which deliver a little extra power.

Carbon HeatingFilm

Carbon Heating Film for Wood 



The Carbon Film is designed to be used under floating engineered wood or laminate floors. The totally dry install makes fitting fast and effective.

When used with the Heat-Pak system the carbon can also be used under carpet, vinyl's & LVT's.

With the carbon film we design the system to fit your individual room, giving you maximum coverage.

Electric Underfloor Heating


The free wire is old school electric UFH, it takes a little longer to install but gives 100% coverage, and is still the best product on the market today.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Inscreed Wire

The inscreed system works like a storage heater. This cable is buried deep in your floor slab, taking around 4 hours to heat up. It then delivers hours of stored warmth.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Aluminium Mats

The Aluminium mat can be used under many floor coverings but is mainly used under laminate in bathrooms. 

Depron Insulation

Depron insulation is used for wood and laminate floating floors.

Also used across the  film & tv industry as well as a favourite with model aircraft makers.

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