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Underfloor heating under-tile Cable Kits

Handyheat under-tile cables may not be the cheapest on the market, but they are designed to last the LIFETIME of your floor. The primary insulation used is Teflon which is one of the materials that Boeing use in some of their new aircraft wiring. Teflon is widely accepted in the industry as the best material you can use for cable insulation. All our cables contain a full earth braid for complete safety even when used in wet areas.

Heating cable specification

Every kit comes complete with:

  • Heating cable supplied on a drum.

  • Fully programmable thermostat controller with floor probe.

  • Floor primer.

  • Roller for primer.

  • Adhesive tape to hold cable in place before tiling.

  • Simple installation instructions.

  • Manufacturers Lifetime warranty.

Help is on Hand

If you require a quote for your underfloor heating please do not hesitate in contacting our fully trained sales staff on 0800 881 8097 or 0115 983 4255 for a FREE no obligation quote. To aid us please either email, fax or post your drawings to us where we will be able to ensure you have THE most efficient system for you and your home.

Cable kit contents
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