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Underfloor Heating Accessories

We have a range of accessories to help with your project our full range and prices are available at our on-line shop.

  • Installation Kit:- 
    Knee Pads, Cast Steel Retractable Knife, Tape Measure, Multi Meter' 50m Cloth Tape 50mm, 10m Double sided tape 50mm.

  • Tile Backer Jointing Tape:- 
    50m Roll Self Adhesive Glass Fibre Tape, Provides reinforcement between the joins of tile backer boards, further improving stability. * 1 rolls of tape will fix approx 20 boards (15sqm)

  • Tile Backer Fixing Kit:-
    100xWashers & 100x25mm Screws per pack. * One pack is sufficient to fix approx 6 boards (15 screws and washers required per board) This fixing pack is designed for floor fixing of 10mm & 20mm Boards.

  • Digital Multimeter:-
    Digital Multimeter complete with testing probes, ideal for testing Cable Kits/Cables and Carbon heating before fitting.

  • Cable Monitor:-
    Total piece of mind! With the Cable Monitor connected it will alert you of any accidental damage to the cable. Perfect for the site installer where others ar using the room.

  • RCD Fused Spur:-
    RCD Protected Fused Connection Unit (Fused Spur)
    Fitted into the power supply prior to the Thermostat for protection of the circuit.

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