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Handy Heat Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating Kits

Electric Underfloor Heating

150W/m² & 200W/m²

Water Underfloor Heating Kits

Water Underfloor Heating

Ultra Level It 2
Levelling Compounds
Electric Underfloor Heating cable kits
Electric Underfloor Heating


Confused about what system is right for you? Then simply give us a call on 0800 881 8097

Tile Backer Boards 10mm
Insulation for Electric
Mirror Demister Pads
Mirror Demister Pads
Electric Inscred Kits
Electric Underfloor Heating Inscreed Wire
Water Underfloor Heating
Water Underfloor Heaing Pipe
Underfloor Heating Manifolds
Water Underfloor Heating Staples
Underfoor Heating Insulation
Water Underfloor Heating
Water Underfloor Heating
Laying systems
Water Underfloor Heating 
Water Underfloor Heating
Electric Alumimium Heating Mats
Electric Underfloor Heating Aluminium Mats
Depron 6mm
Depron Insulation

Need Help?

We offer a design service for all your underfloor heating manifold requirements 


Confused about what system is right for you? Then simply give us a call on 0800 881 8097

Free Quote

Send us your plans and let us do the hard work!

Let us help with your quote simply give us a call on 0800 881 8097

Underfloor Heating

Handy Heat is one of the UK’s leading electric underfloor heating brands. It is sold exclusively by our company Floor Heating Systems Ltd. We are one of the largest suppliers of  Underfloor Heating Systems in the UK, but still able to offer the personal service with our staff based in Nottinghamshire. We are dedicated to supplying the best quality underfloor heating products at affordable prices & this is supported by first class customer service & advice. So whether you are just tiling a small bathroom or looking for a full home heating system, we are confident that we have the right system for you.

Our Range includes water underfloor heating kits or just the underfloor heating manifold, underfloor heating pipe, heated floor mat, free cable, insulation, mirror demister pads, plus many products.


Where to Start with Underfloor Heating!

There are now dozens of web-based business selling underfloor heating, some are well established & some are new to underfloor heating & have little experience. So how do you sort the wood from the trees? Our advice is to do some basic research on the company; do they give you an address & a number you can contact if something goes wrong?


Designed for DIY Installation:-

Our systems are designed for the DIY’er (connections must be made by an electrician), so if you know which type of underfloor heating you are looking for, please browse the relevant section of the website or go directly to our pricing and online ordering page. You can place your order on-line or by phone & we aim to deliver all stocked items next working day.


The underfloor heating UK DIY market is usually supplied by two brands of insulation material, these brands are HandyHeat tilebacker and Depron insulation. HandyHeat tile-backer boards can be easily fitted directly to any floor type and then tiled directly on top. HandyHeat insulation is also waterproof so you can use it in your kitchen or bathroom. Depron insulation is made from extruded polystyrene and is an effective insulation material, even though it is only 6mm thick. Depron insulation can be used below floors made from wood, laminate or even carpets. With these products creating under carpet heating has never been so easy.


Let us do the work for you Please phone us on 0115 9632314 with details of your underfloor heating project & we will be happy to explain your options. There is absolutely no obligation and we are happy to confirm all quotes in writing. Alternatively, you can email any questions to us or if you have plans or can do a simple room sketch, please post/fax or email them to us with a few details of what you want to achieve (room heating or floor warming etc). If you live in the Midlands you are welcome to come to our factory showroom & see our products for yourself, we will be happy to sit down & discuss your options.

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