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Online Catalogue |  Carbon Wood/Laminate

Our 3 Simple steps to ordering our Carbon Underfloor Heating On-Line.
Step 1 :- Work out your room and Kit size with our:- Room Calculator
Step 2 :- From the drop down below, select the Kit size we recommend.
Step 3 :- Click the "Use This File" button and select the drawing file from your computer.
Then simply click the Add to Cart button, your order will be sent to us along with your drawing, our designers will check everything and your Underfloor heating will be made to your room, Now Available for Next Day delivery.

These are Full Kits with everything you need, Heating Elements, Insulation Layer, Programmable Thermastat, Moisture Barrier, Full instructions and 10year Guarantee.

Carbon Orders with uploaded drawing

Carbon Orders with uploaded drawing

As this Carbon is made to fit your room, you must upload a drawing/sketc with your order.
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Use our:- Room Calculator to find Kit size req.

Select Room Type

Remember when ordering here you will need to upload a drawing/sketch of your room, (hand drawing will do) showing any fixed obstructions ie:- fireplace, as well as postition of thermostat.
Please use our:- Room Calculator to calculate the Kit size you need, This is normally 10-15% smaller than the room, due to the required spacing arround the edges of the room and spacing between the heating elements.
As these heating kit's are made to your room size, one of our heating design team will first check everything against the drawing, if they have any quiries they will contact you before proceeding.
Now available for Next Day for delivery, made to your room measurements.

Online Catalogue |  Carbon Wood/Laminate